Ministers meet with the king

Gilboan Ministers have roles similar to a real-life President's or Prime Minister's Cabinet Ministers/ Secretaries.They are the King's Cabinet. The ministers meet with the king in a room in Unity Hall and sit at the table with the king and try to help run the goverment in the ways they can to be a minister is a position of great power and athority and they hold meetings regulary

The King is advised by the Ministry, which is a collective umbrella term for all of the ministers with portfolio and advisors of the king. Each minister is responsible for the brief of his portfolio, and for advising the king on prospective policies and laws. The minister is responsible for success or failure each policy.

When the King holds court, the Ministers gather and review policy, with various ministers offering opinions on various aspects of laws and policy.(Goliath) Additionally, citizens may publically petition the King at the end of these sessions.(Goliath)

Known Ministries&Ministers Edit

Chancellor (Chancellor Hanson)]

Special Advisor and Current Minister Of War(David Shepherd)

Ministry of War (Former)Linus Abner)

Ministry of Energy (Fawkes)

Ministry of Information (Katrina Ghent)

Undersecretary (Echarren)

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Transportation

Ministry of press (Press Minister Forsythe)