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Jack Benjamin
Portrayed by Sebastian Stan
Jack Benjamin.jpg
Position   -   Prince of Gilboa and an Army Major
Country   -   Kingdom of Gilboa
Family   -   King Silas Benjamin (father)
Queen Rose Benjamin (mother)
Michelle Benjamin (sister)
Joseph Lasile (boyfriend) {deceased}
Enemies   -   David Shepherd

Prince Jonathon "Jack" Benjamin is the son of King Silas Benjamin of Gilboa and a Major in the Army, as such Jack is the heir to the throne. He is also a skilled soldier and is roundly-respected by the King's Own for his known valor on the battlefield. Jack achieved the rank of Major by protecting his men from a surprise attack. The Prince received a top-notch education at one of Gilboa's leading military academies, following closely in his father's footsteps. The Queen carefully monitors her son, making sure he remains on the proper path that will one day ensure him the throne. To the casual observer, Jack's passion for having a good time may suggest indulgence and lack of serious ambition. But Jack's desire to be the next King is far greater than anyone might imagine. Jack is a playboy in the public eye, but he is secretly gay. The King disapproves of this. After his failed coup and coronation, he is forced to make an heir with his girlfriend, Lucinda Wolfson. The King demands it, intending to raise the child himself as the heir to the throne.