Michelle Benjamin
Portrayed by Allison Miller
Michelle Benjamin
Position   -   Princess
Country   -   Gilboa
Family   -   King Silas Benjamin (father)
Queen Rose Benjamin (mother)
Jack Benjamin (brother) Seth Benjamin (half brother) Unborn Child(with David)

Princess Michelle Benjamin is the daughter of Queen Rose and King Silas, the ruler of Gilboa. She is the sister of Jack Benjamin. Princess Michelle acts as the conscience of the royal family, passionately advocating for anyone in need. Michelle considers her title of princess a stamp of moral responsibility and is always on the lookout for ways she can use her position to improve the lives of the less fortunate. Of her many petitions that she diligently brings before Silas and his Ministers, most are exclusively connected to issues of health care reform and the well-being of the country’s children (Goliath; First Night). Michelle is known as "the heart of the kingdom". She is currently the romantic interest of David Shepherd, although their relationship is strained by a secret vow she is keeping, and photos of David that appeared on gossip website 200 Meters.

Inspiration Edit

Michelle is inspired by the biblical Michal, King Saul’s younger daughter who became the wife of David. Saul had offered his older daughter Merab to David as a wife but gave her to another man. Michal, however, “was in love with David”, and Saul offered her to David if he could produce the foreskins of a hundred Philistines, Saul thinking that David would meet death in attempting to kill that many enemy warriors. David accepted the challenge, presented Saul with 200 Philistine foreskins, and was given Michal as a wife. But, thereafter, “Saul felt still more fear because of David” and became his lasting foe. (1Sa 14:49; 18:17-29) Later, when Saul’s hatred for David reached a peak, Michal helped David escape the king’s wrath. During David’s long absence, Saul gave her in marriage to Palti the son of Laish from Gallim.—1Sa 19:11-17; 25:44 After his failure to raise Saul's son as King, Abner sought a covenant with now King David. David refused to see him unless he brought Michal with him, and Michal was taken from her husband Palti and returned to David. After David conquered Jerusalem and moved his capital there, he made sacrifice and danced before god, which Michal saw from the window and despised him for it. Therefore, she was the only known wife of David with whom he had no children.

Portrayal Edit

Michelle is portrayed by American actress Allison Miller.